Reviews clients have left about Bosworth

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At Bosworth we believe we have a lot to offer. We provide personalised care and a warm, homely, welcoming environment in which each client feels safe, secure and relaxed.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here you’ll find lots of reviews clients have left about Bosworth, to help you can decide for yourself whether to make us your home, too.

Eve: at the home since Aug 2009:
I think it's good here if you need someone to care for you. I think the staff are good, I take people at face value and I like the staff. My room is very relaxing.

Enid: at the home since October 2018:
All the staff are friendly and easy going. I join in activities when I want to, other times I like my own company in my room. I have pictures from home on the walls, my sons brought them in to make it my own. I like having the door to the garden.

Margaret: at the home since February 2013:
It’s a pretty good home. I sometimes find it difficult getting used to new people at first. I like my room, I think it's probably the best in the house.

Dot: at the home since Oct 2018:
I really like it here, everyone is very friendly. My room is great, I get real privacy.

Nora: at the home since July 2003:
I'm very happy here. The care the staff give is very good indeed. I would have no hesitation to recommend it to someone going into a care home.