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Our report was finally published on the CQC website, after prompting by me, on 22nd June 2018.  No explanation has been given for the delay.

We were disappointed to have again received requires improvement, a rating we feel is unfair.  I will go through each of the areas they said requires improvement and explain what has been done to rectify any shortfalls.  I will also highlight some inaccuracies in the report that were not changed despite them being pointed out to CQC.



There were in fact three PRN sheets not in place, they were for new medications and all three were put in place before the end of the inspection.

There was a way for staff to record PRN use, but some staff had not followed the guidelines consistently. This was rectified immediately.

The kitchen was clean with the exception of behind the cooker and the kick boards.  As many will be aware our cook had fallen and broken her leg a few weeks before the inspection and therefore Sally-Ann and I were cooking.  It is fair to say we did not clean these two areas as often as Gemma does but they were still being cleaned periodically.  All other areas of the kitchen were being cleaned with antibacterial cleaner after meals.  The homes auditing system did show that not all aspects of the kitchen cleaning rota were being adhered to.

Furnishings worn or dirty.  As you will be aware we have been refurbishing the communal areas of the home and we have an ongoing refurbishment programme.  Unfortunately, on the day of the inspection somebody had spilt a drink over the side of one chair and another had been spat on.  These were immediately cleaned but I am sure you appreciate this can be a daily occurrence with food and drink so can easily happen again.  The inspector did not ask which furnishings in rooms were ours and which were clients personal belongings.  It is not for me to tell a client they have to get rid of a piece of their furniture because it is worn.  Communal carpets were already booked in to be cleaned.  The bedroom carpet that they said was dirty was that of a client who gets chocolate all over their floor daily and tips coffee or hot chocolate on the floor in their room regularly.  Although this is cleaned regularly it does sometimes look worse than others.  The corridors are an ongoing paint project.  

Leg protectors had been left in the bathroom accidentally but to prevent any risk they were immediately replaced.

We had never been asked in the entire time the home has been open to have a LOLLER test on the bath seat.  This was done immediately.

Our water checks and recording had not been brought into question at any previous inspection.  A new, very comprehensive legionella risk assessment is now in place.

We have never in the past been required to fix wardrobes to wall.  This has now been done.  Unfortunately, it now means that clients no longer have the freedom to move their furniture around at will.

Our Laundry detergents come in 20litre containers and clients would be unable to lift and pour from them, thus we had not considered them a risk.  However, in order to be compliant, we have fitted a lock to the laundry door.

The report is misleading regarding the provider ‘deciding to reduce staff’ in December.  As the cook had broken her leg and staff were covering the kitchen it was decided that if full cover could not be provided then one of the afternoon staff would drop down to the morning.  Bearing in mind that the Sally-Ann and /or me would also be in the building.  The meeting that the inspector repeatedly said I had planned was in fact my six-weekly supervision, where I told the inspector I could discuss anything I wanted with Mrs Wells.

The two ladies that used the stairs had been doing so very ably for several years and it had never been raised by previous inspectors that this was an issue. Risk assessments were immediately put in place.

Sally-Ann was not cooking on the first day of the inspection and took no part in the dinner preparation.  Kim cooked on that day and was scheduled the week before to do so.  This was fully demonstrated to the inspector, but it is still mis reported in our report.

Laundry and bedroom cleaning was and still is always done after all clients have received the care and support they need.  If at any time, there is a situation where the care staff are not fulfilling the needs of the clients I always step on the floor to assist.

Well Led:

The health and safety audit had two areas that had been missed when the form was redeveloped.  This was immediately addressed.

The weekly checks do reflect the home on the day it is done.  However, things will change throughout the week.  The kitchen audit did show that not all areas were being done as often as usual.

Staffing levels.  We now have Donna doing activities 5 days a week, we were already conducting interview when the inspection occurred. We also have Lena who keeps the home clean.  As I am sure you appreciate it is always difficult when recruitment takes time, in order to ensure safety and also during staff sickness and holidays.  We will however always ensure the safety of our clients and that their care and welfare is ensured.


Should anybody wish to discuss any aspects of the report, or in fact any issues at all, please do not hesitate to drop into the office to see me or give me a call on 01305 833100



Yvonne Connolly



We currently have two vacancies:-


One large room on the ground floor with beautiful views across the nature reserve and Weymouth Bay.   The room has a full Bathroom ensuite


The second room is on the first floor accessible by a passanger lift and three stairs.  This room  also has views across the nature reserve and Weymouth Bay.  The room has  an ensuite containing a toilet and sink.


If you would like to view the home or have any questions please feel free to ring us on 01305 833100 or drop in to see us at 6 Southdown Avenue, Preston, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6HR


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