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As I’m sure you can imagine we are very disappointed with the rating ‘Requires improvement’ but we also feel that if you read the inspection in its entirety you will agree that it is not as poor as the front cover implies.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some points that will come up when you are reading through the report:

Pages 4 & 5

Safe:  Where it states that the medication is not always administered safely: this refers to the cupboard being left unlocked (this appears later in the report) This was addressed with the member of staff concerned and we are now in the process of getting a lock that secures the cupboard on closing.

Effective: States that people’s consent was not recorded.  You will see that late in the report it states consent is recorded.  Consent is in fact recorded and this is an error on the part of CQC.

Responsive: Not enough activity: We have been trying to recruit to the position of activities ci-coordinator for quite some time now, without success.  However, staff do activities with the clients regularly and we are now seeking an extra member of the care team so that we can free somebody up for more activities.

Well led: The Governance process had not picked up issues within the report: This refers to audits and equipment which are discussed in more detail later in the report.  Changes have already been made to resolve the issues even before the inspector finished her inspection.


Pages 7 & 8

Auditing and managing of creams: We feel this was an unfair criticism as we are sent creams from the surgery or receive them following hospital visits after we have already ordered our usual stocks.  It is often difficult to gauge in advance exactly how much of a certain cream may be needed, especially for those who have intermittent problems.

Waiting for requests: I’m sure you can imagine that at times we do have periods where everyone wants us all at the same time.  We do our best to limit times and will continue to strive to do so, however sometimes we do have to prioritise.  The vacancy we had has been filled by Kim.  The inspector was told of Kim’s start date when she was here but still chose to write that we hope to fill the vacancy.

Pages 9 & 10

Consent to care: In the report, it says we record consent to care but later in the report it says we do not.  This mix up came about because initially the inspector said we didn’t have consent to care as we don’t use a consent to care form.  At Bosworth, we ask clients to sign their care plans which I stated is the client agreeing to the plan of care within it.  I checked this with the local mental capacity team who agreed.  I therefore requested the change in the report but CQC failed to change it throughout.

Page 11

I think everyone will agree that this shows what a great team we now have at Bosworth and their commitment to providing an excellent quality of care to our clients.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the Hard work and to say that I don’t believe this report gives them the credit they are due.  We have, I believe, a great team spirit which goes on to provide a lovely homely and relaxed atmosphere for our clients.

Pages 12 & 13

Activities: As you will all probably be aware we have been advertising for an activities coordinator ever since Danni left us.  In the meantime, activities, have been going on.  Sally went back through daily notes and the activities diary and the longest we have had without an activity is two days. We took down the activities schedule as we knew we couldn’t necessarily stick to the planned activity whilst we had a care vacancy as well as the activities vacancy.  We have now reinstated this and may I add the client who said they often missed activities because they were not scheduled continues to miss about 50% of them.

We will continue to advertise for an activities coordinator but if this fails we will take on another part time carer and ringfence time for staff to do activities.


Page 14

The issues surrounding MCA had not been picked up on audit because we did indeed have consent to care recorded.

The equipment that was said to needing replacing was

a)The bath seat covers.  These were mentioned by the inspector on her first day and I informed her they were on order.  By the time, she returned later in the week they had arrived and were on the bath seat.

b)One of our special blue cushions for the chairs.  She identified one with what looked like a small cigarette burn on one side.  This was binned immediately she reported it to us.

I have now added many more things to our audits, but feel there is a limit and that common sense must prevail.  Therefore, we will continue to monitor and replace many things without formally writing them down.


I would like to thank all clients, families, friends and health care professionals for their kind words and support for us when they spoke to CQC it is much appreciated.  May I also take this opportunity to assure you that all the things highlighted by the inspector were put in place before she finished her inspection but that we will always strive to improve our service in any way we can.


Yvonne Connolly and Sally-Ann Radwell

 Manager                      Deputy Manager

1st February 2017 -CQC Rating : Requires improvement .

We currently have two vacancies:-


One on the ground floor with beautiful views across the nature reserveand Weymouth Bay.   The room has an ensuite containing a toilet and sink.


The second room is on the first floor accessible by a passanger lift.  This room has also has views across the nature reserve and Weymouth Bay.  The room has  an ensuite containing a toilet and sink.


If you would like to view the home or have any questions please feel free to ring us on 01305 833100 or drop in to see us at 6 Southdown Avenue, Preston, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6HR