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Bosworth gives me independence knowing that the care is available when I need it


Can I keep my own GP?Providing your GP is willing to keep you on their list then this is fine with us.


Am allowed to bring my pet?- these are considered on an individual basis depending on what the pet is and what other animals are within the home.


What are the visiting times? - This will be your home so there are no restrictions on family and friends visiting, it entirely up to you.


Can my own hairdresser come to me at Bosworth? Although we have a hairdresser who visits the home every Tuesday morning, we are more than happy for you to arrange for your own hairdresser to continue to visit you and do your hair.


Can I still go out with friends and family? - You are free to come and go from Bosworth just as you have been doing at home.

Who takes care of my tablets? This depends entirely on you and your abilities.  If you have no problem looking after and administering your own medication then you are free to continue to do so.  If you would prefer or if you are experiencing difficulties then staff will take care of this for you.  You will have the opportunity to discuss this further when you visit.


Will somebody help me with appointments? Staff can assist you in booking appointments and arranging hospital transport.